Responsive Design

Flansburgh Architects


Flansburgh Architects is an award-winning architectural firm based in Boston, MA. To fully appreciate the beauty of a structure, you need to experience it first hand. The next best thing is to experience it through photography. Flansburgh had the photography, so we built the website around their assets. This gave us the opportunity to use a minimal design with a healthy amount of whitespace, while giving the site a vibrancy and depth.

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Art in Action

Combining elegance, distinction and craftsmanship, Flansburgh’s achievements number in the hundreds and have earned an enviable reputation within the industry. It was important to highlight the architectural beauty of these unique pieces in the design of the digital platform, which is a showcase for potential customers.


Responsive Design

It was critical for an agency with global presence to have a responsive website. We created the site to work well, not just at 2 or 3 breakpoints, but to transition seamlessly on every level.



The whitespace, long form content and photography made this portfolio-heavy site feel accessible and comfortable.


Working well on pocket-size screens was a top priority for Flansburgh, because their audience lives on mobile.


Flansburgh could display projects from around the world. To show their reach, I designed a portfolio that categorized each project by practice area.

We illustrated a map of downtown Boston to emulate the minimal tone of the brand.

We illustrated a map of downtown Boston to emulate the minimal tone of the brand.